For us at Fieldwork, and for many of our contemporaries around the world, underneath that surface lies the desire to be a better and more responsible participant in a notoriously opaque supply chain; to contribute to ensuring more sustainable prices are paid to coffee growers; to track the progress that we’re making; and to identify areas for improvement.

Speaking purely for myself here, I also want to disavow our industry of the idea that transparent buying is only for ‘the big guys’, and want to continue to demonstrate that even micro-roasters like us can (and should) take a more responsible and future-minded approach to how we buy coffee.

Our goal is to be ever-more transparent, responsible, long-term, and informed customers of the coffee producers we have the privilege to represent.

Producing our annual transparency report is not the objective, it’s the by-product, and a yardstick by which we’re able to measure our results.

While it’s a long way from perfect, I’m proud of the effort we’re putting in, and the progress we continue to make.

Tim Williams
Founder, Fieldwork Coffee